Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Pratibimb, the Annual show of latent skills of the students of D A V Public Senior Secondary Mohali succeeded in presenting their creativity which was highly appreciated by the students and parents visiting the school. The exhibition showcased students' creations not only in the fields of Arts and Science but also in the subjects of Social Studies and Mathematics. 

Mr. Justice A.L Bahri, Chairman of the school while inaugurating the exhibition highlighted the importance of such exhibitions and said that these go a long way in developing the career of the students. He also added that when education is imparted through practical means it help the child understand the daunting concepts in an easier way. 
Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Manager of the school who was the chief guest on the occasion said that D A V Mohali was a perfect model of modern education in the region.

Jaya Bhardwaj, principal of the school while welcoming the guests said that the school has decided to lay special emphasis to further modernize its primary and senior secondary wings in order to keep pace with the increasing needs in these areas. Mrs. Puneet Bedi, principal of MCM DAV College and Mr. V.P Paul also, appreciated the exhibits presented by the students and applauded their efforts.

Mr. Bahri and Mr. Paul were so impressed that they awarded cash to the outstanding creations. The students who managed to enthrall all were:

Tejal Jot, Abhishek Walia, Pranay, Jagdeep and Amarpreet in Science whereas Tushar, Talwinder, Amanpreet, Esha, Aishana and priyanshu in Social Studies.While Kartik, Amisha, Tania, Bharti and Prakriti were encouraged for their art and craft creations.